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Clanology: Kinships and 

within Tribal Communities

Learn about clans and how they order our relationship to others and to the world. This is one of the best known approaches to learning about other cultures. 

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Do all Indians live in tipis?

Discover the answer to this question and much more in an interactive study of the types of dwellings that our Native ancestors called "home". Learning incorporates science, technology, engineering and math, and at the end of the session, a tipi raising too!

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My Anishinaabe name is Nodaway Benaise and I am Sturgeon Clan.  I am enrolled in the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, and my ancestry includes Menominee, Mille Lacs Ojibwe, Stockbridge-Munsee, French and English. My experience as an educator, lecturer and curriculum specialist in American Indian history and culture has taken me all over the world, working with people, communities and organizations. As a parent of four children, I was fortunate to serve on the board to bring about Milwaukee’s Indian Community School, a flagship institution of Urban American Indian education. I have served as an advisor on the Gates Millenium Educational Foundation and I am a board member of Indian Summer Festival.  When I am not in the classroom or working on a commercial project or speaking engagement, I lecture at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – in the school of education. I also work as a consultant and trainer with Boeing Corporation and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

​My passion is helping teachers, students and businesses understand and appreciate Native American culture from a historical and contemporary point of view, to create greater understanding, teamwork and communication.

Lacrosse: an American Original

As the country's fastest growing sport, this is a chance to learn about the origins of Lacrosse, also known as "the Creator's game", and its role in the Tribal Nations of Wisconsin.

Marin (Mark) Denning